Livestock Water Trough Algae Clear (18x220g)

Livestock Water Trough Algae Clear (18x220g)

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The Leader Aqua Trough Block is designed to control the build-up of algae and slime in stock water troughs, to ensure clean drinking water for livestock over a period of time.

Each pack contains 18 x tablets (220g) for 18 x 375 litre troughs.

One 220g tablet per 375 litres 

One trough block pack (18 x 220g) treats approx. 6750 litres of water in total.

Place one block for 30 sheep or 15 cattle in a non-metallic or painted water trough. Replace block when slime starts to return.

Usually lasts 5 - 8 weeks. Cobalt is added as a nutritional supplement for cattle and sheep, where diet levels may be low.

DO NOT use in areas where copper toxicity is known to occur, or in bare metal troughs.

Active Constituent: 63g/kg Copper(Cu) Present as 250b/kg Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate.

*CAUTION: If stock are suspected of having Lupinosis, remove blocks from troughs immediately.

AQUA 220G X 18 [cobolt ]