Primus Lamb Detailer

Primus Lamb Detailer

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  • The original Primus Lamb Detailer
  • An Australian designed heated blade
  • Connects to a portable LP gas cylinder
  • Extensively field tested and proven to be fast, easy to use and highly efficient
  • It minimises lamb losses through improved mothering time, reduces lamb stress and blood losses and quicker healing
  • Full range of spare parts available and service back up assured

The Primus Lamb Detailer has under gone a few improvements over the past year:

  • The jaw reach has been improved to allow a slightly wider reach and the closure of the jaws has also been improved with the lower jaw meeting the blade more consistently and closing fully (previous opening 25mm)
  • The blade manufacturing process has been improved to ensure longevity and consistently of heat
  • The old PVC handle has been replaced by a new silicon handle to better insulate against heat transfer
  • The 3 meter hose supplied with the old version has been replaced by a 4 meter hose for better reach and flexibility
  • The product code and barcode has not changed
  • The spare parts list has not changed nor have the part numbers


  • Lamb Detailer
  • 4 meter hose (now with an extra 1 meter to help with flexibility and reach)
  • Wire brush
  • Adaptor to suit POL connection for larger gas bottles
  • Spare nipple


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