About Us

Rural Store is more than just an ecommerce platform; it is a committed partner to the farming community of Australia. We believe in the power of agriculture and the importance of supporting our farmers with the tools they need to thrive. We specialize in providing an extensive variety of agricultural products, all available at the click of a button and delivered right to the farm's doorstep.

Our approach to online shopping is as pioneering as the Australian farmers we serve. We understand that mobile is no longer just an option but a necessity. In response to this, we have streamlined our online shopping experience to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that our customers can browse and purchase our wide assortment of agricultural products anytime, anywhere.

Speed is of the essence in the farming world, and at Rural Store, we stand by the promise of swift delivery. Understanding the immediacy of farming needs, we ensure our customers don't have to wait long periods to get the supplies they require. We're not just providers; we're partners, working to contribute to the efficiency and productivity of farming operations across Australia.

In addition to our nationwide shipping capabilities, we also provide professional advice for our clients. We understand that farming is both an art and a science, and it requires a blend of practical wisdom and updated knowledge to excel. Our team of experts is available to provide guidance, helping farmers achieve best practice results across all areas of agricultural production.

Rural Store isn't a new name in the Australian agricultural landscape; our history traces back to 1865. Our family, hailing from the picturesque Tweed Valley (Northern Rivers) in New South Wales, has been successfully running various agricultural enterprises for generations. This deep connection with the land and extensive industry experience drives our commitment to supporting and enhancing Australia's farming community.

We cherish the relationship we have with our customers, and we are continuously evolving to meet their needs better. Whether it's expanding our product range, enhancing our delivery services, or tailoring our advice to the changing demands of agricultural production, we are committed to ensuring the Rural Store continues to be a trusted ally for farmers across Australia.

By shopping with Rural Store, you're choosing a service that understands farming, values tradition, and embraces innovation. We're proud to be a part of Australia's agricultural heritage and future, committed to delivering nothing but the best to our farming community.