Callicrate Bander & Loops

Callicrate Bander & Loops

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Let your steers grow out for longer to see if they will make suitable bulls. Your animals will continue to grow much faster and develop better muscling, due to the presence of natural testosterone.

The Callicrate Bander method is bloodless and avoids the stress, set backs and risk of infection often associated with surgical castration.

The Callicrate Bander works well on larger animals. This means that unlike the traditional surgical method, calves can be castrated much later in their development. 

The procedure is based on the use of a strong rubber cord inserted into a specially patented application device. The cord is stretched over the scrotum before being tightened by a ratchet mechanism and then locked firmly into position using a metal clip. With a little practice the procedure is both faster and safer than using a knife. The Callicrate Bander should be used under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Callicrate Bander Start Up Kit includes a plastic toolbox complete with bander, 5 loops and loop cutter.