Bottle Mounted Vaccinator – UBMV

Bottle Mounted Vaccinator – UBMV

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  • Suitable for small vaccine pillow packs and bottles (no need to connect tubing)
  • A Bottle Cradle can be purchased separately to make bottled vaccines easier to administer
  • Bottle Mount can be rotated 360 degrees ensuring bottle remains in vertical priming position
  • Long stroke length for accuracy and positive feel during administration
  • Features a stainless steel needle nib to provide extra strength to common stress point in other vaccinators
  • Features a Dose Selector at the top of the applicator which allows quick and easy changes to the dosage by rotating the numbered dosage rate at the top of the applicator
  • Easily dismantled for cleaning and re-lubrication
  • Needle release grip increased safety for attachment and removal of Luer Needles – less needle stick injuries, promotes changing of needles more regularly, no breaking of needle nibs
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable v-shape handle
  • Suitable for small vaccine pillow packs and bottles
  • Suitable for Poultry, Pigs, Cattle and Sheep

Made in New Zealand

Selector Doses:
– 2ml – 0.2ml-2ml, increments 0.2ml
– 6ml – 0.5ml-6ml, Increments 0.5ml

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