Ezi Squeeze Pour-On Applicator – 70ml

Ezi Squeeze Pour-On Applicator – 70ml

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  • Suitable for all mectin based cattle pour-ons
  • ‘Softlock' valve technology – this makes the gun refill quickly
  • New shower nozzle design – this makes the gun very easy to squeeze
  • An ‘Offset Barrel Outlet' – this has been designed to improve priming
  • A Dial-a Dose selector which has a very smooth action and is accurate
  • Other features which make this gun such a appealing product are an angled shower nozzle for convenient application, an ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • No product ‘after spurt' which means very little wastage
  • High quality valves that only require 60% of the effort to squeeze the trigger compared to alternative products
  • Features a Dose Selector at the top of the applicator which allows quick and easy changes to the dosage by rotating the numbered dosage rate at the top of the applicator
  • Robust and easily repaired
  • Easily dismantled for cleaning and re-lubrication
  • Includes a unique shower nozzle for convenient application
  • Selector dosage from 10 to 70ml in increments of 2.5ml

Made in New Zealand

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