Hydraulic Dehorner - Bull Buster
Hydraulic Dehorner - Bull Buster

Hydraulic Dehorner - Bull Buster

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The Waldo’s Horn Buster is a hydraulic dehorner which has been sold in Australia since 1990. From 2014, Dominion Surgical Instruments has assumed the manufacturing of the hydraulic dehorner within Australia with the release of an improved version of the iconic Waldo’s Horn Buster. The hydraulic dehorner uses a portable hydraulic motor to drive a handheld hydraulic guillotine which shears off a horn in under 2 seconds.

  • Blade opening 75mm at widest point
  • Includes a 7.5m lead
  • Service available for Dominion model and spare parts available.

Instructions for use:

  • Connect to a 12 volt battery with a minimum 720 CCA system of sufficient size and condition with motor running to charge battery
  • Disconnect unit when not in use.
  • Never place hands or other body parts near blades.
  • Hold unit only by handles provided.
  •  The oil level should be checked daily. Use only quality 32 weight hydraulic oil if required.
  • Keep moving components lubricated.
  • Check all components for serviceability before each use.
  • Press and hold the momentary button switch on the rear handle to engage the power and activate the ram / bottom blade. It takes approximately 2 seconds for the blade to fully extend.
  • The stroke length is preset so as to ensure that the shaft stops short of the top fixed blade.
  • When the horn has been cut off, release the switch to allow the ram to retract. DO NOT KEEP THE POWER ENGAGED.
  • Do not hang or stretch cables. Position close to power source
  • Take care when removing from and replacing unit in the container. Do not force.
  • Do not tightly bend hoses or put press on the hose connections.