Shears Tus Lamb 6 Inch

Shears Tus Lamb 6 Inch

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These shears are ideal for dagging and trimming of all sheep and perfect for finer wool and clean fleeces.

They are made by Burgon & Ball UK, from the finest quality English steel and are considered the finest shear in the world. Each shear is tested individually before leaving the factory.

The blades are hardened and tempered to ensure the blade retains its edge and maximum performance achieved, while patented double hollow grinding is the secret behind their unique sharpness.

The shears bow is rolled – adding crucial strength while softening the squeeze for extra comfort. The blade and shank are one piece (not riveted) so they can be setto give the cleanest cut with this professional, double-bow shear.

150mm long,

Overall length approx. 320mm, blade approx. available in left-handed or right-handed models.