Sheep Shear Sharpener – Burgon & Ball

Sheep Shear Sharpener – Burgon & Ball

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•Made in England – Burgon & Ball Shears are the finest shears and have been for generations
• All blades are hardened and tempered to ensure the blade retains its edge and maximum performance achieved
• Patented double hollow grinding – the secret behind their unique sharpness
• Only Burgon & Ball roll the bow – adding crucial strength while softening the squeeze for extra comfort
• Blade and shank are one piece (not riveted) so they can be ‘set' to give the cleanest cut


• Designed especially for sharpening quality shears
• High performance silicon carbide sharpener which can be turn for extra life
• Keeps blades in tip-top cutting condition
• Correctly sharpens at correct angles – 65° for dagging or 45° for shearing
• Instructions provided